1: How much will it cost me?

It all depends on the project. How many musicians do you need? How many songs? Do you need custom horn arrangements or do you already have parts written? We can negotiate according to your budget. Just CONTACT US and we will make it happen!

2. What if I want to change some things after recording?

Usually we try to arrange a time when you will be available for a conference before and during the recording process. That way, we can make changes while the musicians are still present at our studio. Otherwise, we have to arrange another time for rerecording which means having the musicians come back , thus a new session. Again, all prices are negotiable.

3. How do I know the files will land exactly where they're supposed to when importing?

It's very simple. When you send us your song, make sure it's consolidated from the beginning mark (0:00) of your recording software. You can send it in any format you choose (WAV AIFF MP3) as long as you let us know the sample rate (44, 48, 88, etc.) and bit rate (16, 24, etc) of your original session. When we import it, we match your session rate and record the parts accordingly. We then consolidate our horn files to the zero mark and send them back to you for easy importing.

4. What do you use in your studio?

The recording chain is top priority. The microphones range from ribbons to tubes depending on what the project calls for. AEA and Royer ribbon mics are the main choices in our closet. We also use Avalon Preamps going through Lucid audio converters connected to Universal Audio Apollo audio interfaces via Monster cables. We want as clean and pure a representation of our sound going in and coming back out, in the digital process , as possible.

5. How do we pay you?

We Use and . You can also send us a money order. A 50% deposit is required upfront.